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• American Towman Press Release - Jeff Smith of Safari Towing & Recovery receives prestigious American Towman Medal for heroism - He has received the award for having put his life at risk, while on duty, in an endeavor to save the life of another human being.
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• Safari Towing Receives Prestigious "ACE" Award - Jason Ward from Safari Towing of Mckinney, TX has received the prestigious American Towman ACE Award for achievement in service performance.
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• Texas Dept of Public Safety - When I received a phone call on February 8, 2013 from one of my troopers, informing me that another Trooper, Christian Vicuna, was involved in a crash and was trapped in his vehicle, it was one of those momentswhen even those in our profession go numb.
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Service Area
Address to our yard
2353 E University Drive
McKinney, TX 75069


Our Service Areas include:
The colony
Little Elm
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Road Side Service

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Medium Duty Towing

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Custom Towing

If you have an exotic car, we are the professionals who can safely ensure that your tow is handled with extreme care.
Official Tow Company for Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Tesla
Equipment And Storage

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Apartment and Condo complexesPrivate residents
Hotels and Shopping CentersSporting Centers
Gas Stations and BanksHOA/Management companies
Business Offices 

We at STAR understand that there is a great deal of pressure placed on property management companies and owners to provide a secure and convenient parking environment for everyone.
STAR provides a complete parking management system designed specifically to your properties needs. STAR provides a proven parking management system to Hotels, Business Offices, Apartment Communities and Homeowners’ Associations to ensure your parking violations are addressed quickly and effectively with little or no hassle to the property Management /Owners.
STAR founders have over 25 years
of combined parking and towing experience.
STAR has brought these two fields together to make the best and stress free parking solution company
in North Texas.
Private Property Towing

Every parking facility is unique. We will design your parking enforcement program to meet your needs. Contact us today to consult with one of our STAR Experts to design a towing program that will solve your parking issues once and for all.
Star is a leader in private property parking enforcement. STAR is a member of South West Tow Operators and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. These groups work with the Government in Austin, to help and create the new Laws governing Towing in Texas. We make sure your property stays in compliance with all the State and local laws.
We understand parking is part of your success in your business or rental agreements. We handle parking issues, so you can focus on your Business. STAR takes a different approach to Parking Enforcement .STAR understands that the rules for parking must be adhered to so that the whole public will have a safe and reliable parking experience. At the same time we work with the tenants and/or customers to make sure the rules are followed without predatory towing practices. STAR uses advance warning sticker program as well as technology to track offenders. We document and take photos of all violations.
STAR has the advantage of being a local company. When dispatched to a property we are there within minutes. We also can visit your location as needed. Our office and yard is in Collin County and with 24 hour releases of impounded vehicles it doesn’t cause undo cost and hostility to the Violator. Other company’s yards are over 40 miles one way. STAR also tows for local Law Enforcement
and that allows good communication
on our patrols.
If you need full patrol, partial patrol
or on call service we can help.

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Tell us about your incredible
experience from Safari Towing

  • Jason and the team are the most professional tow company I have come across in 11 years of Property Management. Very happy with Safari!
    - Candice H  
  • My car broke down and safari was called by my insurance company. They got there fast and got my car to the dealership. It was my first time being towed. They explained everything to me. I felt safe with them towing my BMW. They did a great job!!!
    - Maria  
  • A great towing company! The place I had my car fixed over the weekend crossed wires in my ignition and it killed my battery. The shop called Safari to come tow my car so they could fix it. Brandyn was able to get my dead SUV out of my garage even after finding that my car wouldn?t even turn over enough to let him put it into neutral. He backed his truck up, hooked under my rig with precision and pulled it out of my garage! Wow!great job! He also had a charger so he could get enough juice to the battery to do the things he needed to make it a safe tow. He was courteous, professional and kind. Thank you Safari for getting my ride to the shop! I will call you for any towing needs I have.
    - Pam  
  • Adam Smith was the best - prompt, smart, knew a lot about the damage done to my vehicle and what I should expect to pay for the repair. Worked quickly and safely and had wonderful customer service abilities as well. Safari Towing Management - you have a 12 star guy on your team!
  • A few days ago it dropped below 30 degs and my battery would not start my car. Called a few shops and tow companys and they would not help. Found Safari Towing and tried them. Well Great service and nice people. In less than a hour, had a new battery installed in my car, and I was on my way to the store. Thank You.
    - Anna Lee  
  • Just wanna say Thank You. They came when they said they would, and where very nice. Will use again if ever needed. Thank You.
    - Dwight  
  • They Saved the day. Our car stalled out at the store. We were new to the area and did NOT know anybody. We asked the store clerk if she knew a tow company. She recommended Safari Towing. WOW was she right. They showed up fast and referred us to a great repair shop. We are very happy with Safari Towing. Very nice and clean truck, and very helpful. Thank You.
    - David G  
  • Incredibly fast and courteous service. Was panicked and broke down on the side of the freeway , Richard called to tell me he's on his way and stayed on the phone when he was close to make sure he found me. Had a sense of humor, polite and made my situation less stressful. And a Thank you to Jason for taking care of me and making sure I'm in good hands! Company and employees exceeded expectations and definitely took care of me, Thanks safari towing!
    - Ashley L  
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